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We’re a group of creative thinkers who have built a business to change the world.

Novastitch disrupts the apparel market by bringing quick, easy, and cost-effective garment alteration for retailers and online marketplaces by using automated tailoring technologies.

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Instead of wearing off-the-shelf clothing, retail customers will be able to have every item they purchase custom-tailored in minutes to their unique body size, shape, and exact measurements, all before they leave the store.
When shoppers choose to buy their clothes online, instead of guessing the correct size and hoping it fits when it arrives, Novastitch provides the assurance of a dressing room and the customization of a seamstress without the hassle of going to the store.
Distribution Centers
Unlike other custom-tailoring solutions, Novastitch’s Automated Tailoring Machine™ is built upon an infrastructure that can easily plug into a retailer or etailer’s existing supply chain platform with minimal effort by the IT department.
Our capabilities

What our machines can tailor

Short Dresses
Button-Up Shirts
Crop Tops
Tank Tops
Easy to use

Simple Integration

Our machines alter prefabricated garments, so you can keep your existing supply chain. All you need is the garment and the customer measurements. In addition, tailoring takes less than 15 minutes, so your order fulfillment will continue to be fast and efficient.

Measuring can be done by yourself in less than 3 minutes. We leverage predictive modeling so we only need 4 easy-to-measure customer dimensions to tailor a garment.

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Excellent support staff
We'll train your employees

We will help you with the integration process by training your employees on-site on how to operate the machine.

We listen to your feedback
We'll take care of the machines

We have a dedicated team that will  maintain the machines and help you if there are any problems with the machine, free of charge.

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