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Automated Clothing Alteration
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Our Approach
Novastitch is developing groundbreaking technology that can quickly and affordably alter the size and shape of clothing
Novastitch's Automated Tailoring Machine™
Novastitch disrupts the antiquated shopping experience by bringing  personalization to both the customer and the retailer without forcing either to change their expectations. Novastitch’s Automated Tailoring Machine™,  enhances the shopping experience, increases the value proposition, and the extra 10-15 minutes the buyer spends in the store waiting for their customized garment tobe delivered can often result in an incremental revenue stream for the retailer due to impulse buying.
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What We Do

Novastitch disrupts the apparel market by allowing both brick-and-mortar, as well as online, apparel stores to tailor every garment to fit perfectly – regardless of brand or style.

our services
After photo of a collared shirt that was tailored by New Manhattan's Automated Tailoring Machine
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Who We Are

We're a team of tech entrepreneurs who went on a mission to disrupt the clothing industry using automation.

Meet our team
New Manhattan co-founders Jonathan Sotoodeh, Chris Sotoodeh, and Bennet Cowdin
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Today is the day to build a better clothing brand. Remove your size labels and guarantee a perfect fit — and blow your customers away.
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